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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Stop Believin' in Kari's Heart Foundation

New Year's Eve found us at the Carnegie Hotel celebrating 80s style at the Don't Stop Believin' in Kari's Heart Foundation Gala 2012.  Lots of people showed up in their 80s best, including yours truly!   Here's a sneak peak at us partying the night away to raise money for KHF.

One of our servers and a bartender - they were pretty fun!

Auctions girls extraordinaire (Deanna, left, and Amy, middle) and yours truly rockin' the Cyndi Lauper wig!

Part of the Auction - it was huge this year.

Nikki Sixx (though I think Tommy Lee was the drummer!) and his main squeeze - Reese!

Valley girls?

Islands in the Stream - it's Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers!

The party was so hot they called the fire department!  
(Or our fog machine set the alarm off, whatever.)

Party crashers!!

And their co-horts!!

Mork and Mindy, oops, Madonna!


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