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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Practice Session

Yesterday, the girls helped me break in my new white paper backdrop.  It took me awhile to figure somethings out, but I learned a lot!  Here's a peak at our short, fun session!!

The biggest thing I learned for the day - my paper isn't big enough!  It was hard to get all three girls on the paper.  Good for a kid or two at a time, but not more than that. And a couple will be cutting it close. I also learned that I really do need those backdrop clamps, but in a pinch a binder clip will get the job done.

I learned Olivia is crazy, wait, I already knew that!  This is her "oooh" face with Chapowee.

I learned that my "kisses" heart is too light to translate well in a picture.  Looks like I will be redoing that one.

And now you all know that Olivia is crazy!

 Milly was unsure of the whole thing!

Sophie was unimpressed with my paper.

Emma is a natural born poser!

 And, I'm learning that in this blog my paper looks more grey than white.  In photoshop it is nice and bright - I guess next I need to learn what it looks like printed and adjust from there!

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