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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bays Mountain - June Photo Walk

Tuesday, I joined my friend, Stephanie, and her son, Ben, at Bays Mountain.  The husband had told me that Bays Mountain had wolf pups.  If you don't know, wolves are my favorite.  Forgive some of the photos, remember, there is double fencing on the wolves and tiny fencing around the birds - another of my favorites!  This isn't a normal photo walk, but knowing what the rest of June holds in store for me, I know that I don't have a good chance of getting back out there.

The pups were sleeping peacefully when we first visited them.  There was a wonderful volunteer in with the pups that talked to us and answered a lot of questions.

One of the adult wolves.

I love this deer!  I don't know why it is partially white, but I think it's beautiful.

The reservoir was full of lily pads!  I wish the flowers had been a little more open, but they were still pretty cool.  

Part of the reservoir.

Ben cheesing on the reservoir walk.

Ben was off and running up the hill when Stephanie and I found this.  We were slightly excited thinking we had found some leftover wildlife carnage.  Upon further inspection, we decided it was a hat!

Ben spotted a crawdad in the water and set out to catch it.  Sadly, it got away from him!

The waterfall overflow from the reservoir.

There is a bunch of concrete, rebar, and bricks down this trail.  There are also structures that look like old bridge supports.  Not sure what all of that used to be, but it is very interesting.

Stephanie and Ben

Wolf pup!!

You may notice people inside the enclosure with the wolf pups.  There are volunteers that get to play with the pups and help socialize them.  Since they will be on display around people they need to be used to people.  Some of the pups were climbing all over the volunteers, playing on top of them, and tugging on their hair and clothes.  I can't tell you my level of jealousy!!

Location - Bays Mountain, Kingsport, TN

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Photo Walk

I let March and April slide by me with out doing photo walks :(  I hope to make up for it sometime this year, fingers crossed.  Saturday, I was driving home from visiting a friend when I realized it was the last day of May.  Oh no, I was about to let another month pass me by!  So, I drove past my house and headed for the Wilbur Dam and Watauga Dam.  I don't recall ever being up there, though Mike says he took me once a long time ago.  I passed some neat spots along the way and the photo walk turned into more of a photo drive, but I'm cool with that!  I didn't make it up to the Watauga Dam overlook because I wasn't quite up to the walk up the path, but next time!

Neat building on the side of the road.

I LOVE this old Texaco sign!  I couldn't wait to stop and take this photo.

One of the old gas pumps at the Texaco.

Visitor center at Watauga Dam.

Another angle of the visitor center.  I adored the 1950s vibe.

Wilbur Dam

I enjoyed seeing the people sitting out to fish just down from the dam.