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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Piano Recital

In between basketball games, the girls had a piano recital!!

Gragg Girls Basketball

All three Gragg Girls are playing basketball this year.  It is fun to watch Olivia because she likes to stop in the middle of the game and pose for the camera.  As for the Abby and Emma, they have moved up to playing full court and full rules.  It is fun to watch them when they are really getting into it!

Saturday Night Fever at Studio 2001 - NYE 2011

I'm just a little behind on my blogging!  Last year was a very, very horrible year, but with the help of Kari's Heart Foundation we sent 2011 out on its butt with a Super 70s themed party!  Here's some pictures of our 70s greats and rocking the night away!

The Super Spectacular Schoondykes!

The Johnson City Hitmen


It's ELVIS!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kelley and Jason's Sneak Peak

Kelley and Jason Honeycutt
January 14, 2012
First Broad Street United Methodist Church
Kingsport, TN

I enjoyed doing this wedding, though I did have a few things to overcome.  Kelley contacted me on short notice after her photographer cancelled.  I was happy to step in.  The church, while beautiful, did have a few rules - only one picture allowed when Kelley walked in with her son and no flash allowed (that was fine with me until they turned the lights out on me!) and then I was delegated to the balcony where I was to only take one picture (oops) and no flash.  Also, we only had 30 minutes prior to the wedding and 30 minutes after to get the posed shots.  I think I overcame and here is their sneak peak!!!