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About Me

Originally from Baltimore, I have been hangin' in the South for almost 15 years, though I dearly miss my beloved Baltimore.  Okay, I really miss the Orioles (thank you for giving me something to root for last year), going "down de oshin" (that's Ocean City for those of you who don't know), and CRABS!  The best food known to man.  No.  Seriously.  They are.

I'm married to a wonderful guy, though he doesn't let me take his picture all that often.  Thankfully, we have four dogs and a cat who are more willing to be my subjects, and great friends who let me use them and their children often!  

When I'm not behind the lens or editing photos, I can be found reading, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, cooking or gardening.  Though high summer temps usually limit my gardening.  I think I was a polar bear or arctic wolf in a previous life - some would say in this life!  As I write this it is 40 degrees outside and my heat is set on 59.  Really.  People bring sweatshirts to my house!

I have a very laid back personality and my goal during sessions is to make you and your family feel comfortable and at ease with me and the camera - it's the best way to a great photo.