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Monday, December 9, 2013

Rodgers Girls - VA, Mountain Home, TN

Saturday was a chilly day with a lingering drizzle for most of it.  But, it cleared up enough for my session with the Rodgers - Meaghan and Hannah.  They were a little bit crazy, and I like that!

About the location - The VA, Mountain Home, TN.  We utilized a lot of the spots around the VA, including the boulders, the gazebo, and several buildings.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Rocky Mount Historic Site, Piney Flats, TN - A photo shoot

This past Saturday, I had a last minute cancellation for a session on Sunday.  The worst part - I had already reserved a local historic site for the shoot.  Not wanting to ruin my newly established relationship with the site, I called up friends and offered them the session spot.  Thankfully, they said yes!

Rocky Mount Museum may be one of my new favorite places for a location photo shoot.  For a nominal fee ($15 during business hours and $25 for non business hours) photographers may use the site.  Now, it might seem crazy to pay $15 to take photos there during business hours, but we were there on a Sunday.  The site is closed on Sundays and I happily paid $25 to have the place to ourselves!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Gilchrist Family

I had so much fun with the Gilchrist family this past weekend!  Going through the photos I found myself smiling or laughing at almost every photo as I remembered the day.  I greatly enjoyed their whimsical, fun side that led to several pictures around the playground, not to mention countless other impromptu funny photos!!  Oh, and let us not forget the giant Indian Head!!  Here's the sneak of their day.

Photos taken at the Metro Kiwanis Park, otherwise known as Indian Head Park, off of Knob Creek Rd in Johnson City.