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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Around the yard - May

Yesterday, we were getting my pool ready (thank goodness!) when I got sidetracked by the dragonflies.  I finally got my camera out and then my photo ADD took over - Ooh, a dragonfly!  Ooh, a bee on a tree!  Ooh, a pretty flower!  Aww, look at my kitties!!  And thus, this blog post was born!

Momma Mickey with her kittens, who Mike has affectionately dubbed Wynken, Blyken, and Oz!

I love this photo!  It might be hard to tell at first, but Wynken is attacking Ozzy's tail and Blynken is attacking Wynken's tail!  So cute!!

Grayson Highlands in the Spring

Memorial Day the hubby and I took a leisurely drive up to Grayson Highlands.  I visited Grayson Highlands in March in search of wild ponies.  No ponies and nothing was in bloom.  So, I went searching for the ponies again.  Spoiler alert: I still didn't see the ponies.  But, everything was green, lush, and beautiful.

Our drive took us around Watauga Lake and through Johnson County.  There's a huge Italian-style villa and vineyard, with a winery near by.
Not all of the park was open in March.  Deanna and I missed out on this beautiful spot with another overlook. 


I got down on the ground to take a picture of the flowers and found this little inch worm!  It's not the best photo, but I like him!

 I highly recommend the visitor center at Grayson Highlands.  They had several nice displays.  I loved this saw mill blade.

My new kitten, Ozzy

Every year "our" outside cats have a couple of litters of kittens.  I would love to catch them and get them fixed, but so far we have been unsuccessful.  So, we are constantly finding homes for the new little furries.  Well, I think I already found Ozzy's new home.  I hope my cat, Sasha, likes him!  Last week I was outside playing with him and he started being uber cute, so out came the camera!  Here's some pics of Ozzy in all his cuteness.