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Thursday, October 2, 2014

WF Stables, Jonesborough, TN

Last Thursday, I spent the afternoon at WF Stables in Jonesborough, TN.  Owner, Patti Walters, her staff, and all of their patrons were incredibly hospitable and allowed me access to everything.  I'm submitting several photos to Horse Illustrated and hope to report back that they were published!  For now, here are some of the other photos that I loved from the day.  Hopefully, I will be returning to the stables for their St. Jude fundraiser.  View all photos now at J. Commons Photography.

This horse is one horn short of unicorn status!

Trainer Paige is working four year-old green horse, Coco, on jumps.

Four year-old Paisley getting some instructions from her trainer, Paige.

Katelyn and her horse, Spirit.

Kristen has been riding since she was just three years old.  I enjoyed watching her with her horse.

Holly bringing Zippy in for her lesson.

Six year-old Danica during her lesson with her trainer, Ericka.

Nine year-old Hannah on my favorite horse of the day.  I think his name is Dream, but I'm a sucker for an Appaloosa.  Holly in the background on Zippy.

A five month-old colt, sadly, I didn't get his name.

A real deal Mustang.  The stables received him from a stable in Georgia.  The tattoo along his neck indicates when and where he was captured.

And who doesn't love a smiling goat?!

Anyone interested in any of these photos please feel free to contact me at jennifer.commons@gmail.com.  Once I choose the photos to submit to Horse Illustrated I will be publishing the rest of the photos at www.jcommonsphotography.com for purchase.  

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  1. Great photos and loved having you with us! Wishing you much luck getting some published!