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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roan High Bluff {J.Commons Photography ~ Roan High Knob}

Monday, Deanna and I headed back to one of my favorite spots - Roan Mountain.  Last September I attempted the hike to Roan High Bluff (or Roan High Knob depending on what reference you are looking at).  I had done some light hiking that day around the Cloudland Hotel site and a little of the Cloudland Trail for around 1.5 miles.  When I reached the trail to Roan High Knob I was too tired and too out of shape to go any further.  I felt a bit defeated.  Earlier this year we did the Cloudland Trail and the Rhododendron Garden Loop for a total of roughly 3 miles and I was once again too tired to make the climb to the top.  On Monday, I was a woman possessed and more determined than ever to make it to the top of Roan Mountain.

On the drive up we got stuck behind a super slow vehicle and pulled off at one of our favorite spots to get a couple pictures.

Does anyone else see a problem with this setup?

We had planned to drive to the Cloudland Trail head, hike to High Knob, and then down the other side before turning around at some point.  These plans were thwarted by one simple gate.

We parked at Carver's Gap, picked up the AT, and headed for the top.  We were on a bit of a time crunch and I was so determined to get to the top that I didn't take a lot of pictures on the way up.  It was all up hill and the path, while mostly wide, was covered in rocks and pebbles.  Footing was awful and the hike was tiring, but we kept on.  Here's a few scenes from the way up.

 A clump of Mountain Ash berries on a cut log.

I guess it could be a good place to stop for the night.

 At the Cloudland Hotel site the AT continued off in one direction and we cut through the parking lot to join the Cloudland Trail.  This is the overlook along that part of the trail.

On the surface this is not a favorite picture of myself, but for everything it stands for I love it!  It was a 4.5 mile all uphill hike to get to this point. And with not being able to do it twice before with less difficulty leading up to it makes it that much sweeter! Celebrating my victory on Roan High Knob! (And I just noticed there is a "JC" carved in the wood below my elbow!)

The sweet reward.

 Much to our surprise, the AT does not cross Roan High Knob and the trail actually ends at this spot!  So back down we headed.

As I mentioned, we were on a time crunch.  We opted to follow the road back down the mountain instead of the trail to save time.  While we did save time, the pounding of the pavement on the decline hurt both of these bodies! #NotAsYoungAsWeUsedToBe

 Just enough time to check out the Miller Farmstead and the overlook!

This hike distance ~ 8 miles!!!  Our longest hike to date and for me, personally the most rewarding. :)

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