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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Appalachian Trail ~ Big Bald, North Carolina {J. Commons Photography ~ Big Bald, NC}

Last week, Deanna and I headed out to Wolf Laurel.  She has a cabin there that overlooks Big Bald and Little Bald along the Appalachian Trail.  I had not hiked Big Bald yet, and we were excited to see the fall colors.  Even 5,000+ feet there still was not a lot of fall color, but the day was beautiful and our views were magnificent!!

Mountain Ash berries against that blue sky are amazing!

Halfway up Big Bald and looking back at Little Bald.

The top of Big Bald marked with the AT blaze and a plaque.

The road less traveled.

Halfway up Little Bald and looking back at Big Bald - It was crazy realizing we were at the top of that!

So, on top of Little Bald there is a bird society counting and banding birds.  They have nets set up to catch the birds that will not harm them.  As we rounded one curve we saw a bird on top of a post and we got so excited thinking it was a big bird of prey.  My long lens confirmed it was a large bird of prey . . . made of plastic!  Oh well!

We hiked down the other side of Little Bald and on our way back to the top there was a loud commotion behind us.  We had been trying to catch a picture of a couple of chipmunks that were playing hide and seek with us when a group of deer crossed behind us.  It was probably a funny scene to watch from the outside.  Deanna and I were stock still waiting to see the deer better, the deer were still waiting to see what we were going to do next, and the chipmunks kept popping out to laugh at us!  We were in a thick area and I was only able to get this one not-so-great picture of a deer.  Shortly after they took off back the way they came.

The only winged creature we saw in the catch nets - a ladybug!

After our hike we drove over to the cabin to check on things.  I forgot how much I love their cabin!  Part of it is even pre-Civil War!  How cool is that?!

 The view of the Balds from the cabin.

We drove around Wolf Laurel so Deanna could show me this awesome mountain hole on the golf course.  Crazy!  Can you imagine playing that?!

Hike distance for the day - 7.5 miles!

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