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Monday, June 22, 2015

June Photo Walk - A trip to Lynn's Farm

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post.  Deanna, the girls, and I visited our friend, Lynn's, farm two weeks ago.  While there an adorable baby goat stole my heart.  I brought Lil Dude home and sadly he passed away the next morning.  He was premie and we don't know if there was something wrong with him, but it seems the move was just too much for him.  Removing the sadness of the following days, we had a lot of fun at the farm.

Have you ever heard that momma pigs are fierce?  I'm here to tell you they are no joke!  We looked inside the stall as momma pig nursed her ten or so piglets.  Lynn snuck in the stall and told us to stand back.  She grabbed a piglet, it squealed, and momma was on her feet and charging in a matter of seconds.  Lynn barely made it out the door and got it latched it time!  Momma continued to snort and complain for the few minutes we loved on her little piglet.  Here's a close up of Abby holding her favorite animal.  It's so cute!!

Goats and sheep everywhere!  There was never a second of silence.  The goats and sheep all took turns giving our their bleats.  The funny part was to listen to all the different tones.  They each have their unique voice.  My favorite were the ones with the deep voices!

Duckling feeding frenzy!

Tyrone!  This guy is huge, but so lovable!  He ears generally hang down over his eyes, but while Lynn was rubbing his belly I was lucky enough to catch his ear up and this very content smile on his face.

Tyrone nose!

Poor Lynn!  She was yelling at the goats for climbing the trees and eating her fruit.  Meanwhile, Deanna and I were laughing and snapping photos!

This old cabin sits on their property and they are planning to tear it down and salvage as much as they can.  I can't wait to see what comes out of it.  I hear there is some wormy chestnut!!

Watching the storm roll in.

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