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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August-September Photo Walk

August was so miserably humid I just could not get out to do photo walks.  My asthma is not a big fan of the humidity.  So, I managed to take a few photos around the yard of the remaining summer flowers at the end of August and first few days of September.  This is only a snapshot of the flowers, I can't believe how many different types of flowers we have in our yard!

Now that the humidity is leaving the air hopefully I can get out again this month.

One day I will refinish these chairs to go with my bottle cap table . . .

I almost dropped my camera and fell over backwards when this bee flew straight at me!

This is Salem.  I love this cat - he's crazy! (Please ignore my filthy window.  The cats eat in this window and I gave up trying to keep it clean a long time ago!)

Salem and Mickey.  

I think this rock has sat on the steps of our front porch since we moved in seven years ago.  I have no idea why it's there.  Maybe if we used the front door we would be more inclined to move the rock.  

It was too early in the morning for the sunflower, it wasn't ready to be open and beautiful, yet!

There is something haunting about the dead thistles that I just love.

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