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Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Photo Walk

I let March and April slide by me with out doing photo walks :(  I hope to make up for it sometime this year, fingers crossed.  Saturday, I was driving home from visiting a friend when I realized it was the last day of May.  Oh no, I was about to let another month pass me by!  So, I drove past my house and headed for the Wilbur Dam and Watauga Dam.  I don't recall ever being up there, though Mike says he took me once a long time ago.  I passed some neat spots along the way and the photo walk turned into more of a photo drive, but I'm cool with that!  I didn't make it up to the Watauga Dam overlook because I wasn't quite up to the walk up the path, but next time!

Neat building on the side of the road.

I LOVE this old Texaco sign!  I couldn't wait to stop and take this photo.

One of the old gas pumps at the Texaco.

Visitor center at Watauga Dam.

Another angle of the visitor center.  I adored the 1950s vibe.

Wilbur Dam

I enjoyed seeing the people sitting out to fish just down from the dam.

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