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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brights Zoo

The Hubby and I finally got to visit Brights Zoo in Limestone and it was awesome!  It had more that either of us expected and it was beautifully maintained.  If you have never been you really should check it out!  Here's some of our favorites from the day!

I'm always a sucker for a tortoise, especially if I can see them close up!

A stork of some variety! (I should have taken notes.)


Grevy's Zebra

I don't remember what kind of monkey/primate this little guy is, but he was a lot of fun!

Twice in less than a month that I have fed giraffes!  So cool!

The goslings kept running from me, guess they are camera shy!

Black Australian Swan

 Common Squirrel Monkeys - Mike had to check my pockets to make sure I didn't smuggle one out!  I adore them!!

So the Serval was a bit of a celebrity snot and did not want his picture taken!  He started hissing at us as we approached his enclosure, little did he know it made for an awesome photo!  Crazy kitty!

The flamingos were cracking us up!  They kept running around in mini stampedes and squawking!  We never could figure out what agitated them.

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