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Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Photo Walk

Between the weather and my back I wasn't sure I would make it out for my second photo walk of the year, but I managed to get it done on the last day of the month!  I question my choice of taking Ruger with me, because of the messed up back, but he did very well.  We went to Sycamore Shoals State Park and walked the path along the river.  It was really his first test of being in public and around strangers.  He did so well!!!  He just wanted people to talk to him and pat him on the head.  However, he had a standoff with a stroller until he deemed it non-threatening!  He, also, had very little desire to stand still for any photos of himself - guess he's at that age :)

I'm not sure what happened to these trees, but it was absolute carnage.

Ruger just walked right into the water, stood there, and looked around.  He seemed a little indifferent.  I am hoping he likes the lake more in a few months!

An attempt at a puppy portrait . . . I think he's laughing at me.

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