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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Puppy Chronicles - The Arrival of Ruger

This past summer, in a two month span, we lost our Rottweiler and Bassett Hound.  Both were old and lived very full lives.  It left our home a little empty and our Belgian Malinois, Romulus, a little lonely.  Enter Ruger - 12ish weeks and 20 lbs of bouncing puppy joy!

On Friday, September 6th, I decided to check out the local animal shelter and see what they had available.  To my surprise, I wasn't really in love with any of them.  We weren't sure what we were looking for, but we knew we wanted a bigger dog that would be good for outside and protection.  I went to another county animal shelter and found four little black lab mixes.  And fell in love.  In a few hours he had already been to PetsMart and the vet.  Sadly, our vet said he had parasites, and even though the shelter had given him his shots, they did it wrong.  So, little Ruger had to be kept separate from Rommy and Sarge, the miniature schnauzer, for 19 very long days.  We discovered he has an extremely strong desire to fetch and Mike has decided duck hunting is in their future!

Below is a look at our first few weeks with Ruger.  I think Ruger, Rommy, Sarge, and Sasha, the cat, will be making regular appearances on the blog with their antics.  So far, most of these photos are from my iPhone.  He has already taken a bite out of the phone and I am not yet comfortable having the camera in his close proximity!!

First day home.

 SEP - Standard Eating Position

Sarge keeping an eye on Ruger from the steps.  

He has grown so fast.  Not really sure how long the gate will contain him!

Tugging on my shirt in an attempt to take me to his box.

Destruction.  The paper towel rolls have been systematically removed from my recyling bin.

He LOVES shoelaces.  When I was picking him out he and his three brothers were all tugging on my laces, pulling me in opposite directions!

This is what we affectionately refer to as the "meth lab" face.

Showing Rommy some love through the fence.  When they saw each other it was love at first sight.  SO cute!

I'm not sure it was love he felt when he first saw Ezzy.  

What happens when your recipe cards are in puppy reach?  This!  And apparently a very comedic skit involving your husband attempting to rescue said cards while the puppy is trying to play with them/and you and skidding all over the slick cards.  And Benny Hill music - at least in my head! (And as I type this I hear the music now as Ruger chases Sasha and Sarge chases Ruger!)

A duck dog in the making?  He quickly removed the duck head from the duck body - I don't think that is ideal.  

The first official walk.  He was very curious, but did very well!

Chewing on my PJs - how am I supposed to yell at that face?!

This is his box - everything that is his must live in the box.  If you throw something it is quickly retrieved and placed back in the box.  He has tried, more than once, to drag me into the box!

Our next installment of crazy puppy antics will be the first official nose-to-nose meeting of Sarge and Ruger!

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