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Friday, April 26, 2013

Take me to the water . . .

Yesterday was book-ended by crap.  Literally.  But in the middle. . .in the middle were two hours of blissful tranquility.  Okay, and a few creepy old men.  But mostly tranquility.  After a rough morning I packed up my camera and the dog and headed to the lake.  If you know me, you know I love the ocean.  It's quite possibly my favorite spot in the entire world.  And yet, I live in Tennessee.  No oceans here. I have avoided the lakes in our area for years - protesting, really, in the name of my beloved ocean, but yesterday, yesterday I gave in.

It was a lovely, clear spring day - and you won't hear me say that often - around 60, with beautiful blue skies.  I only had a handful of people to deal with at the several spots I explored.  Sarge and I walked around the lake, mostly uninterrupted, taking in the peacefulness of the water lapping against the banks.  Our biggest excitement came when Sarge, a miniature Schnauzer, wanted to tangle with a couple of geese - sometimes he just doesn't understand what he is up against!

I think I have found my new local escape and I hope my lovely ocean will forgive me.

Interesting setup for a picnic area, but I am guessing it's nice when it's 90 degrees out.

Sarge's Geese Nemeses

Another interesting picnic area

Couple of iPhone pics, too

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