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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fire on the Mountain ~ Blacksmithing Festival, Spruce Pine, NC {J. Commons Photography}

Recently the husband decided to take up the art of blacksmithing.  He has taken the time to research and build his own forge.  It's pretty impressive.  He hasn't gotten to the point of firing up the forge and making something, but he is so close!  Last month, we ventured to Spruce Pine, NC for the Fire on the Mountain Blacksmithing Festival.  He hoped to learn some tricks and maybe purchase a few things.  It was fascinating to watch the different blacksmiths work.

This guy was a hoot!  He lives and works out of Arizona and enjoys making flamingos because, "It's funny."

goatnhammer Blacksmithing school from Atlanta, GA

Amateur competition.  Fifteen amateurs signed up to try their hand at making snakes from garden spikes.

Three of the entries.  They all look pretty good!

"My chick bad.  My chick hood.  My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could." - Ludacris
Okay, sorry for the Luda song lyrics, but all I kept thinking watching these women work the forges was how badass they were!

We ended up not buying anything at the festival, except some amazingly delicious NC pulled pork barbecue, but still had a great time.  There were some amazing pieces, including knives, jewelry, home decor, garden decor, and wind chimes.  Mike did manage to purchase a small anvil at the antique shop near our house later that day!

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