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Monday, April 4, 2016

Katie Senior Photos 2016 {J. Commons Photography - Jonesborough, TN}

Saturday was a beautiful day.  A perfect 55 degree spring day with blue skies filled with big, fluffy, white clouds and an occasional light breeze.  Add a lush green hillside filled with yellow wildflowers, a spunky, free-spirited high school senior, and a flowing green dress and you have all the elements for my favorite photo session ever.  I know that Katie will go on to do amazing things in her life, just like her parents before her. Here's a peek at her day.

Eat your heart out, Julie Andrews!  Very "Sound of Music"-ish!

I thought "The Sound of Music" picture was my favorite, but this one.  I really love this one.

Outtakes!  We always have the best outtakes when we are together!  Katie's mom really wanted to make it seem like Katie was floating on top of the flowers.  So, she laid down and supermanned Katie into the air.  It was hilarious!

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