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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Gragg Girls ~ 2015 ~ Abingdon, Virginia

Monday, I got to spend the day with my favorite girls - Emma, Abby, and Olivia.  This year we headed to southwest Virginia for their Christmas photos.  Several months ago, Mike and I drove through Abingdon and it was my first trip through the beautiful little town.  When I told Deanna how much I loved the town she said she did, too, and would love to do the pictures there.  And so it was.

Deanna LOVES penguins and we were super excited to find this guy hanging out in a little park. (We also passed a truck with a bed full of hunting dogs and a freshly killed bear!  We didn't stop him for pictures.)

Life with Livvy

Emma loves to do the "model pose," ironically, of course, because it amuses her!

We stormed the front steps of the Martha Washington Inn to grab a couple of photos.  Okay, actually, I sent the girls up the steps alone so I could take a few photos from below.  They weren't very happy about it because we weren't a hundred percent sure it was allowed, but the staff were extremely nice about it!

Miss O's face after Emma said a nut shouldn't stand so close to a nutcracker!

As we passed the first rest area in Virginia I noticed they had a large "LOVE" sign.  I mentioned that it would be a fun photo.  (I will leave out the part about me not understanding why Virginia was trying to be like Philadelphia and Amy pointing out that "Virginia is for lovers.")  Turns out, there is one at the Martha Washington Inn!

I strongly encourage you to visit Abingdon during the Christmas season.  It was beautifully decorated.  There were several of these metal art installation-esque pieces around town.  They were placed purposefully and looked like they belonged.

We began and ended our trip with Babycakes cupcakes.  They didn't have any alcohol in them, but they were still pretty tasty! ;)

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