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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Fall Formal

Last night was the fall formal at Elizabethton High School.  Jalen and her boyfriend, Christian, were kind enough to help me out with a school project and allowed me to take some photos of them. Moms and Dads were in tow and we turned it into a mini session.  These two exuded high school cuteness!! I hope they had fun at the dance!  Thanks for helping me out!!

We went to my new favorite place for outside shots - The Salt House in Jonesborough and surrounding area.

They needed no prompting for these!

It was chilly out and in between spots Jalen put her jacket back on.  I actually really like it in this photo - kinda rocker-ish!

There's a hill to get down to the lower part and it is covered in rocks.  The good boyfriend carried her down, and back up, the hillside.

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