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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Proposal . . . She said, "YES!"

Earlier this year, my brother contacted me to tell me that he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him and to enlist my help.  Yesterday, the plan came to fruition!

The Ruse - I was to meet Patrick and Rachel at Rachel's dad's house on the lake.  I wanted to take photos to build my portfolio - nature, wildlife, and people.  AND, since I would already be at Rachel's dad's house, my family, along with a few friends, were invited over to watch the UT game.

The Problem - Patrick forgot to run this plan by Mother Nature!  There was a 100% chance of rain yesterday!  It was raining buckets from early in the morning, but by the time I got there the rain had stopped.  We headed out on the lake to get "my pictures," ably assisted by Rachel's brother, Russell, as our Pontoon Chauffeur Extraordinaire.

The last photo as simply, boyfriend and girlfriend.

And then Patrick said, "I have an idea for a photo."  At this point, Rachel was still completely clueless, but she caught on quickly!

I've heard many a TV proposal, from friends on how their proposals happened, and have experienced my own, but this, this ROCKED!  He brought tears to my eyes.  I'm pretty sure I saw Russell wipe a few tears away, too.  Seriously, it was that good.

Patrick explained the significance of the rings.  They were our great grandmother's wedding rings.

Back on land and toasting the happy couple.

Oh, and I did manage to get a nature/wildlife photo!

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  1. Jenn Thanks for sharing It brought tears to my eyes. I'm am so glad that everything worked out so well.