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Monday, February 20, 2012

A day at the aquarium

I went to the aquarium with Caryn and Matthew.  We had a lot of fun and as always I loved the sharks and sting rays.  But now they have penguins, too.  So cute they are!

My dilemma was whether to use flash that bounced off the glass or a higher ISO with grain.  Well, I went with the higher ISO.  I need to go back so I can decide if I made the right choice!!

Caryn and Matthew in the tube inside the penguin tank!

This shark looks like an airplane to me!

I love this picture because I can only imagine this is what it would look like underwater if one of these bad boys were coming at you.

Inside the shark tunnel.

Matthew is swimming with the fish!!

Mom, Child, and Big Ugly Fish - a la Jasper Fforde!

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