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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Got Soul?

My dear brother, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Rachel, were kind enough to spend the weekend with me working on a photo contest.  The contest theme is "Soul".  When I think of soul I always think of Jazz.  So, Patrick and Rachel came up and we broke out Patrick's saxophone.  A tour of Johnson City found us some great sites, and some interesting stares!  Now, help me figure out which is the best photo to invoke SOUL.  Leave me a comment and vote for your favorite!












  1. I think my choice is #2 or #6 but I am prtty sure it's #2

  2. Hey girl, they are all amazing, but I love number 4 and number 7. Number 4 has an amazing feel to it, while Number 7 had such great depth and feeling! Hope it helps!!!


  3. Love #2 because of the flag, but think #4 is great too.


  4. I like 4 and 7, but 4's my fave. Both of them are lonely and soulful, but there's an extra oomph with 4 because of the graffiti wall. (I like 2 because of the flag, but for some reason it doesn't reach out and grab me like the other two.) Great pix! (Dad likes 2 and 4, but 4 the best. He says 4 "is a classic shot.)
    Love, Mom