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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flat Stanley's Adventure Through Tennessee

My friend was sent a Flat Stanley from her friend's daughter in Michigan.  If you don't know the Flat Stanley story you can check it out here.  When we first started thinking about where we would take Stanley we had good ideas, but nothing was great.  Then we made the mistake of looking at The Flat Stanley Gallery, and that was kind of intimidating.  Did you know he has been to space and on TV shows?  Crazy.  Well, as we started playing around our corner of Tennessee we got some great pictures of Stanley.  Here's a snapshot of Stanley's adventures.

First, Stanley thought it would be fun to hike the Appalachian Trail.  So, we took him to the local outdoors store to get the right equipment.

Stanley even made it all the way to Laurel Falls!  Go Stanley!  But had to side-step a black bear!!  Run Stanley Run!!

After his hike, Stanley wanted to visit the oldest town in Tennessee - Jonesborough!  He visited an old, log, cabin, the Chester Inn - home of the International Storytelling Festival, got in a bit of trouble for sticking himself to a monument and ended up in the stocks!

After finally being released from the stocks Stanley just wanted to take in a beautiful view of the mountains.
We took Stanley to visit my alma mater - East Tennessee State University - which is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.

I think that Stanley had the most fun when we took him to Bristol Motor Speedway.  He got to ride in the official pace car for the March 2011 Food City 500, and he even made it down on to the track!

Flat Stanley had so much fun in Tennessee!  But now he is tired and has decided to return home to Michigan!  

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  1. Too cute! We took Flat Stanley to Iceland once upon a time.....