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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mistakes that work

Normally, when I am out on a shoot I know when I have captured a good photo.  I know when my lighting is right, I know when my subject is posed well, and I know if our setting is good.  Knowing all that I continue to take tons of photos.  Why?  Because I am looking for that photo that just stands out.  I am looking to capture the "real" moments, the "real" facial expressions.  And them sometimes you get a gem . . .

I love what happened with this photo.  This is not a special effect, it is exactly as it was taken.  The only thing I know for sure - I was moving.  But I have no idea how I moved or what I did to get "Matthew's 1st Christmas" to be in focus and the rest to be a swirl, but I love it!

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