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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Snapshot of our Cape Cod Adventure

Our travels this year took us back to Cape Cod, our new favorite spot.  Here's a quick snapshot of our trip.

We visited the home of OCC in Newburgh, NY

The off shoot of OCC - Paul Jr. Designs

 On Sunday, in Hyannis, my car got crunched.  We are okay, but my doors are having some issues.

 Sunday in Sandwich at the boardwalk.

Dexter Grist Mill, Sandwich

Monday, Hyannis Port sunrise

Provincetown whale watching - one of only five whales we saw.

Race Point Beach, Provincetown

A seal pup on the beach at Race Point.  He was being monitored by wildlife officials.

 Chatham Light

 Sarge after our walk to our beach.

 This is how Sarge spent every evening!  We wore him out!

The view from atop Scargo Tower, Dennis

Mom and son on Bass Hole Boardwalk, Yarmouth

Swan Lake Pond off the Yarmouth Boardwalk

Sarge at Paine's Creek, Brewster

I am working on going through the photos and whittling down the number!  Once I get them up I will let you know.


  1. Did you all stay in the same place as last year??

    Love the star effect on the sunrise photos!!

  2. We did, same little cottage!!!

    Thanks! I had fun playing around with my lighting and positining. I've got a few with my camera down on the beach - I like those a lot.