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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jo'd and Steve's Renewal Ceremony

I had the honor and privilege to capture Jo'd and Steve's Renewal Ceremony.  There were a few pitfalls throughout the day, but fun was finally had by all!  After 10 years, and with a little inspiration from someone special, they rededicated their lives and took the plunge.  Literally!!

I was invited to pile in the limo with the family and get a few shots of them all before the ceremony.

I love this shot!

Then we arrived at the new site.

The cake - someone had already stuck a finger through it!

The lazy river cupcakes!

Jo'd and Steve listening to their friend Billy sing "The Broken Road."

The Ceremony

The Plunge!  (Sadly, I was too slow to capture this from the front.  Sorry guys :(

Just a little wet!

Then Jo'd pushed Steve into the pool!

And others attempted to push Jo'd into the pool!

I was treated to a Zumba routine!

Then Jo'd went on the warpath with blue frosting her weapon of choice!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day!!
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